The Bandstand                                                     

The Bandstand occupies a strategic position in Balgay Park, standing as it does where four roads and several paths intersect, roughly halfway between the two main entrances. To see map location, click here.

Built shorty after the Park came into public ownership, the Bandstand can be seen here at a performance of Witch's Blood in 1987.

Sadly, the Bandstand fell into disrepair and was a victim of vandalism. In May 1993 it was gutted by fire and only the non-combustible iron skeleton could be salvaged.

In 1997 the renovated bandstand was finally erected. The red brick walls of the old building were reconstituted to a height of about a metre and decorative railings placed upon them. Ten columns now support a decorative cast-iron trellis instead of a solid roof. The iron work is painted in signal blue, matching the Balgay Bridge beyond. In Spring the Bandstand has a beautiful outlook over a sea of daffodils.