Balgay Bridge

Balgay footbridge is a beautiful Victorian cast-iron structure built around 1873. It is located in the very heart of Balgay Park, majestically spanning a natural rock gorge, linking the Mills Observatory hill and the Western Necropolis. For map location of bridge click here.

The bridge is 37m long, 2.5m wide and the deck is 12m above the roadway. This provides an ideal vantage point to enjoy the panorama of the park and the River Tay and Fife. The masonry work, the casting of the iron and the overall appearance are evidence of superior quality craftsmanship and design.

Sadly, like many Victorian structures in public places, the bridge fell victim to vandalism and deterioration and in 2002 the bridge had to be closed for safety reasons.

Eventually, an extensive programme of restoration was undertaken and in May 2008 a beautifully restored bridge, painted in signal blue to match the bandstand, was opened with some ceremony.

The opening ceremony took place with local school children, elected members and local dignitaries being led by a piper onto the bridge for the ribbon-cutting.

The bridge is once again in use to members of the public but cyclists are required to dismount for crossing.